Kerry Tribe

21 March 2012
Kerry Tribe: The Last Soviet

Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museums‘ exceptional art collection is one of the most important representations of twentieth century British art. Artists such as Paul Nash and Stanley Spencer were commissioned to reflect not only the front line, but all aspects of war as it was experienced by ordinary people, military or civilian. Collecting from and commissioning in relation to contemporary conflicts continues to be at the heart of the Imperial War Museum’s work.

Kerry Tribe‘s film work The Last Soviet centres on the story of Sergei Krikalev, the Soviet cosmonaut stranded aboard the Mir space station for many months during the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The film recreates the poetic story that a parcel of autumn leaves was sent up to him within a shipment of essential supplies. Different voices, a female newsreader and a male member of the ground control staff are woven together into a narrative, as in a documentary. These ideas of truth and propaganda, individual experience, memory and the construction of narratives permeate the Imperial War Museum.

More about the 3 Series:

The 3 Series is a partnership between Modern Art Oxford, Arnolfini, Bristol and Camden Arts Centre, London. Over three years, three artists (Mircea Cantor, Johanna Billing and Kerry Tribe) have been commissioned to create substantial new bodies of work for exhibition in each of the three galleries. As a culmination to this major partnership initiative, new work by each artist has been presented to a regional public collection through the Contemporary Art Society.


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