Canal & River Trust Exhibition, Hatton

Firth approached this project with an enthusiasm for the historical background of the site, alongside its modern physicality and everyday activity. She brought a little of that outside in, transforming the staff breakout area through the introduction of an alternative pathway of tiered structures that mimic the rise and fall of Hatton’s locks. Staff traversed this new walkway and benefited from the new vistas created. Specially designed table top coverings for the site’s numerous meeting rooms reflected patterns and structural shapes from the surrounding environment, introducing a new visual stimulus that avoided the clichés of canal boat paraphernalia.

Blue Firth lives and works in London. She graduated from The Royal Academy Schools in 2011, and has recently had exhibitions at Copenhagen Place, London and Glenfiddich Gallery, Aberdeenshire.

Cheryl Jones is Gallery Director and one of the founding members of Grand Union. She has led several independent projects in Birmingham and is also Library and Collections Curator at The New Art Gallery Walsall.