Aspen Contemporary Art Collection – New Jersey

With the opening of new offices in New Jersey in 2011, the Contemporary Art Society curated a collection of contemporary work, featuring a selection of established and emerging artists who live in and around New York.

The collection is unified through the artist’s quest to understand and explore the culture of our time. Their explorations can be cynical, humorous or playful but much of the work examines the channelling of our expectations and desires through the media.

Drawing on TV and films of their youth, the language of advertising and the plurality of images found on the internet, many of the featured works portray a fantasy world, but with a detached gaze – these fantasies are unattainable. This could be the realisation that the American Dream is fading or perhaps just a coming of age.

The collection includes works by: David Kramer, Hooper Turner and Joe Amrhein.

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