Victoria Rance

Victoria Rance’s work is concerned with the exploration of space and human behaviour, investigating  human interaction within different physical and social and cultural environments. Her recent ‘sculpture to wear’ series create a sheltering skin that protects or alters the sense of self. The sculptures have elements of architecture and costume, and test the effect of the tension between protective constraint and freedom of movement. She explores how much those barriers are controlled, whether they are self generated or enforced by the wider culture, to protect those seen as vulnerable.  They can have a beautiful or pleasing surface and offer shelter, but the feeling of being trapped within the skin, of claustrophobia or paranoia is the darker side to this, and the sculptures can sometimes suggest being caught or caged, leading to a sense of ambivalence.



Rance is a graduate of Newcastle Upon Tyne University (BA) and Kingston University (MA) and the recipient of the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award (2003/4).

Solo and two person exhibitions include The Sleep of Reason at BBK Kunst-Quartier, Osnabrück, Germany with Sylvia Lüdtke (2013), Medusa Stories/Medusa Hikayeleri, Chalabi Gallery, Istanbul with Ruken Aslan (2012),Invisible, Lucy Bell Gallery with Clare Whistler(2010), Standpoint Gallery, London (2004) and Spire, The Economist Plaza, London (2000).

Group shows include Free Zone/Çanakkale (2012); Fast Forward, Globe Gallery, Newcastle (2011); Design and Print Now, Bearspace Gallery (2011); Contrary Speeches / Changeable Realities, Kare Sanat Gallery Istanbul (2011);Invaluable, APT Gallery, Deptford (2011); Exteriority, Summaria Lunn, London (2010); Canakkale Biennial, Turkey (2010); Istanbul Art Fair (2010), Eastern Approaches, Hatfield House (2009); Stand Alone, Cello Factory, London (2009), Deep Inspiration, Jerwood Space, London (2007); New Art Centre, Roche Court, Salisbury (1993-2005), Yokohama International Art Exhibition, Japan (2003), Dead Happy, St John’s Waterloo (2001), Sculpture at Goodwood, West Sussex (1998-2000), Noordbrabandt Museum, Hertogenbosch, Holland (2000) and Labour of Love, Kunsthalle, Mannheim, Germany (1999).