Tom Lovelace

“The work of Tom Lovelace encourages wanderings across decades, re-considering the photograph as document or art (Fox Talbot), the photographic document as art or anti-art (Breton, Bataille, Brecht), and the endless permutations that are part of Conceptual Art and its legacy.” – David Evans

Tom Lovelace works at the intersection of photography, sculpture and performance. Utilising everyday minimalist objects and materials, he reconsiders and reinvents, presenting sites of construction that manifest solely for the camera. For Lovelace, the camera is the audience. Oscillating between the absurd and the mundane, these fabricated structures and environments warp and reconfigure form and function, prodding and stretching the relationship between the photograph, sculpture and performativity.

Lovelace’s image plane is a highly orchestrated one; yet the incidental and the ready-made play an increasingly important role in his practice.


Tom Lovelace lives and works in London. He studied Photography and Art History at the Arts Institute Bournemouth and Goldsmiths College, London. Recent exhibitions include Totem and Taboo (Unseen Amsterdam 2013), Uncommon Ground (Flowers Gallery, London 2012), Work Starts Here (Son Gallery, London 2012), Ristruttura (Project B Gallery, Milan 2012) and Gouge (Centre for Photography, Aarhus 2011). Lovelace has previously exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy, ICA, Oriel Davies Gallery and Les Rencontres d’Arles. Features and reviews include Philosophy of Photography, Source Photographic Review, The Photographers Gallery, Time Out London, Contemporary Art Society, Art Licks, The Rebel Magazine, a-n, The Guardian and the Financial Times.