Suzanne Mooney

Suzanne Mooney’s work stems from an inquiry into the potential sculptural qualities of a photograph and the collapse of an object into its representational form. Central to the photographic and, at times installation works, is a deliberate unsettling of our perception of pictorial and architectural space.

Within her images line, form and reflection all conspire to create a sense of placelessness. These still life studies comprise of objects and grounds, composed within the viewfinder of the camera. No digital manipulation is involved in the production of the work; instead the illusion of a continuous horizon line or arc of a plane of colour is created through the effects of lighting and arrangement, cropping or inverting the images, in order to create enigmatic documents of reality.

The objects depicted within the current works are all display systems, Perspex props and wooden platforms typically found in the presentation of luxury goods within a retail setting. Unmoored from their usual context, the empty structures become the focus and subject of the work, questioning conventional notions of function, commodity and value exchange.

The artworks are intended to evoke a similar feeling of desire elicited by the consumption of material goods. Crucially, these coveted items are missing; leaving empty displays that comment on the value we place upon the things we aspire to own. Often presented alongside these photographic compositions are a series of found illustrations depicting precious stones embedded in rubble, which have been sourced from various books about minerals and gems. The enlarged prints on newsprint paper act as a counter to the more pristine colour works, but similarly speak of materialism and economic value.


Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2005 Mooney has exhibited nationally and internationally in numerous solo and group exhibitions with galleries including Moody Gallery, Trajector Art Fair, Brussels (2010), Arnolfini, Bristol (2009), BCA Gallery, Bedford (2008) Gimpel Fils, London (2008), Arles Photography Festival, France (2008) Galleria Civica di Modena, Italy (2008), The Gallery of Photography, Dublin (2007), Viewfinder Gallery, London (2007) and Dashanzi International Art Festival, Beijing, China (2006).

Alongside The Potential for Windows and Scale, Mooney currently has a solo exhibition The Edge of Collapse at Spike Island, Bristol (until 25 March 2012), and the group exhibition Human/Nature at Farmleigh Gallery, Pheonix Park, Dublin.