Susie Green

I work with a range of media including sculpture, performance and painting, focussing on the human body as a site for intimacy and sensuality. In addition to my artistic practice I also write lyrics and sing in bands including Silver Fox and Charm Offensive. Here I collaborate with other artists and musicians to create charged, immersive environments. I’m interested in the unique atmosphere that can be created through live musical performance, and seek to make work that connects with an audience.

The titles of my works offer impressions that hint at my corporeal obsessions – for example SLOW BURN, FLUID MEDIUM, SOFT STUDIO and OOOOOOO. I embrace slippages between my lived and imagined experiences and attempt to give form to formless feelings and desires. My work elides figurative and abstract elements — for example a curved line can simultaneously refer to a tongue or a grammatical motif. Pairings of words and informal sentences are often a starting point for work; an overheard conversation can become an exhibition title, a text message, a lyric for a song or a glimpsed pattern, a sculpture or garment.

I am a passionate maker of things, employing colour, texture and lighting to articulate emotional states. I am intrigued by the relationship between the spiritual and the decorative and how we give meaning and power to objects in our lives. Throughout my work it is important there is a sense of looseness and rhythm, and a feeling of that which is human, emotional and tactile.

I am currently one of the artists involved in The Syllabus – an alternative education programme that supports ten artists led by Wysing Arts Centre in association with Eastside Projects, New Contemporaries, S1 Artspace, Spike Island and Studio Voltaire).

 – Susie Green, March 2016