Sue Arrowsmith

Sue Arrowsmith photographs fields of abandoned scrubland. These images are projected and then meticulously recorded and traced in pencil, building a densely interweaving mass of lines that flicker and undulate across the pictorial plane.

The artist works without colour, preferring the seductive sheen of graphite on paper, exploring the different tones and shades that can be achieved through this method. These large scale works can take many weeks to complete but by using a photographic template Arrowsmith ensures the drawing is loose and free.

The compositions reveal the linear structure of the landscape, poised between intensely detailed abstract lines and shapes and the more recognizable forms of the common land. What appeals to the artist is how the neglected everyday environment can have such extraordinary complexity and beauty.

Sue Arrowsmith was featured in Contemporary Art Society’s ARTfutures 2005 and 2007 at Bloomberg SPACE, London and is represented by Purdy Hicks, London.