Samantha Donnelly

My  studio practice is concerned with exploring representations; from objects to imagery; from the found to the self-made; from presenting individual artifacts to hybrid installations.  I have a materials-led approach to making, underpinned by references to art history and popular culture – specifically photography, TV, film and advertisements. The work is made through questioning, rephrasing and reworking a range of sculptural matter, mass-produced household wares, imported fashion bargains and second-hand finds in the studio over a period of time. This way of making gives the work a strong sense of time which mirrors conventions found in the media (editing, cropping, elimination, montage, narration).

– Samantha Donnelly, March 2014


Samantha Donnelly (born 1978), solo exhibitions include Sampler, South Square, Bradford (2014); Rubbernecker, Ceri Hand, London (2014); Contour States, Cornerhouse, Manchester (2012). Recent group exhibitions include Tip of the Iceberg: Art from Up North, Contemporary Art Society, London (2013); A Private Affair, Harris Museum, Preston (2012); The Shape We’re In, Zabludowicz Collection, London (2011) and Perhaps Something, Perhaps Nothing, Leeds Met Gallery, Leeds (2009).