Sam Jury


Sam Jury works across the mediums of moving image, installation, sound and photography. In the context of screen dependent living, where comprehension of reality, memory and experience is perpetually mediated by continual absorption of visual information, Jury’s work investigates the psychological impact of moving image and societal narratives of trauma. Within this, she has been exploring the notion of ‘suspended trauma’ – unresolved events replayed through shared narratives often supported by screen technologies. Jury’s images originate from documented performances, directed actions and restaged events, often sited in overwhelming, unsettling or dystopic environments. In recent years, she has worked collaboratively with partners from other disciplines, such as scientists, choreographers, writers, composers and psychologists and as well as with other artists. Her interest in the slow violence experienced by the individual through causes such as climate change, mass displacement and war has resulted in project such as Climart – a five-year research project investigating the efficacy of arts/science collaborations and the effect of visual arts in communicating climate change and To Be Here (2012 – 16) a series of films, and film installations depicting the suspended trauma of mass displacement of Sahrawi refugees living in camps in the harsh conditions of the Sahara desert. Commissioned as a multichannel installation by the Broad/MSU Art Museum, USA in 2016, To Be Here won the 2018 Research in Film (RIFA) Award, presented by the Arts Humanities Research Council, UK. In 2017, along with writer and filmmaker Kamila Kuc she founded the Disasters of Peace initiative which examines filmic representations of disaster beyond the immediate spectacle. Work from this initiative has been screened at the Ann Arbor Film Festival (USA), Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and the Whitechapel Art Gallery (London, UK). Currently, Jury is working on a series of film exploring pre-war memories of place and event in the partially recognised state of Abkhazia in the Caucuses, for realization in 2020


Trailer for Popehelm (2016 – 17). Single channel film with sound, 15:35
in collaboration with writer Sarah Goldstein (sound design by composer Rob Godman) –