Michael Ajerman


A transcript excerpt of Charlie Rose interviewing Spalding Grey, 1992

SG: ….and reshape it. Now the difference is when imagination comes in. Imagination plays against memory. And memory is rather literal. And then, then the hyperbole and the information comes in the more you retell it. So you’re always retelling the previous night. You’re not telling the first experience. And that’s where the creativity comes in because it’s really a chain. Like when kids do a circle and you whisper into the ear, to see how the phrase changes. So really, the art form is organic. Because it changes organically but not in a contrived way.

CR: And you’re reacting to last night’s performance..

SG: Exactly

CR: Always?

SG: Always

CR: Because your discovering something new each night.

SG: So you’re really not reacting to the original memory. Whatever that is. You know, if there was one.


Michael Ajerman was featured in Contemporary Art Society’s ARTfutures 2005 and 2004.