Marie Harnett


Marie Harnett was born in Hertfordshire in 1983.

Lives and works in London.

Represented by the Alan Cristea Gallery, London.

Featured in Contemporary Art Society’s ARTfutures 2007 held at Bloomberg SPACE, London.


The source for Marie Harnett’s small-scale drawings are films and for each one she transposes a carefully selected still in precise detail. In doing so, she subverts the very nature and intention of the cinematic process – film frames are not typically intended to be viewed statically or in isolation; they are the constituent parts of a carefully plotted production, edited to effect a desired narrative at a particular pace. By removing them from the context and reworking them as intricate pencil studies, the viewer is forced to focus on every aspect of pose, light and texture – in many cases emphasising subtle nuances which are lost in the film as a whole. Most films scenes begin life as a drawn storyboard – loose renderings around which sequences are interpreted, constructed and shot. Harnett’s intimate drawings extend this creative arc, taking them to a new conclusion.

– text courtesy Alan Cristea Gallery, London, 2014


Currently exhibiting in Last Year in Marienbad. A Film as Art at Kunsthalle Bremen (until 13 March 2016):