Lothar Götz

Lothar Götz’s practice ranges from site-specific wall paintings and room-sized spatial installations to paintings and drawings. There is a clear coherence across his body of work in its continual referencing and engagement with ideas about architecture and space; his painting is characterised by its use of abstract geometric forms, fields and lines of intense colour, juxtaposed with one another.

His work is informed by real factors of circumstance, site, or the particular inhabitants or histories of a building, space or place, but mixes these factors with further imaginary or fantasy ones. Similarly many of his drawings represent the floor plans of idealised dwellings, sometimes for specific people or historical figures, sometimes for imagined ones. Together they form part of an ongoing series exploring spatial ideas for domestic spaces: apartments, houses, bungalows, villas.

Colour in these drawings is used to denote the functions and atmospheres of rooms, or the situations and qualities of the surrounding landscape – whether a Schloß set in a meadow or a bungalow overlooking the sea. It also takes its cue from the imagined identity of the supposed occupier: a web of imaginative factors continually feed into the geometrical arrangement of forms and colour. Götz sees colour as both beautiful and a fundamental aspect of life that surrounds us. He often references his favourite flowers, the design of a garden, or a piece of architecture in his work, seeing his practice as opposite in process to that of architectural design, which renders ideas concrete as built form. Lothar Götz is more interested in the classical idea of art as active fantasy – something practised as part of a personal strategy to escape from reality.

This summer Lothar Götz’s work can also be seen in 2 commissions, Happy Together and I Have A Dream as part of Festival of Love at the Southbank Centre, as well as in a solo exhibition, PROJECT 07 at the Contemporary Art Society:

Happy Together – The Clore Ballroom at Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, London
Götz has created the seven colours of love which can be seen across the southbank site, on The Clore Ballroom floor, he has created Happy Together an enormous floor painting incorporating all the colours and representing ballroom dances of years gone by, from 28 June – 31 August 2014

I Have A Dream – at The Queen Elizabeth Hall foyer, Southbank Centre London
Commissioned as part of What Love Is: the visitor and interpretation centre Festival of Love is located in the foyer of The Queen Elizabeth Hall. What Love Is graphically explains Festival of Love‘s seven parts through colour, giant maps guiding visitors around the festival site, film, photos and poetry. There’s also a bar featuring seven cocktails, each designed to get you in the mood. Lothar Götz’s seven colours for seven loves are displayed at What Love Is and flow out around the site from 28 June – 31 August 2014

PROJECT 07: Lothar Götz
A solo show at the Contemporary Art Society from 11 July – 31 October 2014, open Tuesday to Friday, 11.00-17.00

Lothar Götz: Soho Room
From1 July 2014 (ongoing), House of St Barnabas, 1 Greek Street, London W1 4NQ
Lothar Götz will open a site-specific installation Soho Room in the panelled Soho Room at The House of St Barnabas. HOSB is a charity in Soho that supports London’s homeless people back into work through an Employment Agency that operates from a Grade I Listed House in Soho in which it hosts a not-for-profit Private Members Club hosb.org.uk


Götz has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad.

His solo shows have included DOMOBAAL, London, 2012; Gasworks, 2001; the Chisenhale, 2002; and the Economist, 2003 in London; Museum Goch, 2004 and MMKI Düsseldorf, 2005 in Germany; rahncontemporary in Zürich, 2008 and the Petra Rinck Gallery in Düsseldorf, 2009.

Group shows include the Contemporary Art Society’s ARTfutures, Bloomberg SPACE, 2005; David Risley Gallery, London, 2007; mima, Middlesborough, 2007; and shows in Amsterdam; Dublin; Hamburg; Hanover; Salamanca; Wilhelmshaven and Wuppertal since 2005, including participation in the 2008 Prague Triennale. In Spring 2010 he contributed a major work to an international showcase exhibition on wall-painting at the Miró Foundation in Barcelona.

Public commissions include Platform for Art at Piccadilly Circus underground station in 2007; a collaboration with Caruso St John Architects at the Arts Council England Offices in 2008 and a commission at Haymarket Metro Station, Newcastle in 2009.

He has been on residencies in New York, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and the Abbey Fellowship at the British School at Rome in 2010.

Götz completed an MA at the Royal College of Art after studying in Germany at Aachen, Düsseldorf and Wuppertal. He currently lives and works in London and is Senior Lecturer at the University of Sunderland.

Lothar Götz is represented by DOMOBAAL in London and Petra Rinck Gallery in Düsseldorf.