Liz Collini


Liz Collini was featured in Contemporary Art Society’s ARTfutures 2008 held at Bloomberg SPACE, London.


Much of my work involves the drawing of text – words and phrases which are taken out of context and recreated through a time-consuming process of measurement, geometry and trial and error. Some texts are made as wall drawings and some as prints. My interest is in language, the systems and assumptions which underpin it and the ambiguity lurking beneath it.

I draw words in Times New Roman, a decision which frees the textsfrom questions of font choice by settling on a typeface which is familiar to the point voicelessness. Time becomes embedded in the work. The connection with the aesthetic of plans and blueprints reflects the strangely  provisional quality of the written word; the thing of which we write, or read, is always elsewhere, deferred in space and time. Language is at its most exciting when it comes upon us unexpectedly and propels us into uncertainty and the uncanny. I try to take language to the brink of such spaces, not through chaos and excess, but through distillation and deliberation. – Liz Collini, 2014


Liz Collini created a wall drawing ‘live’ at the Bury Text Festival,Bury Art Museum (July 2014). For more information