Kieren Reed


Kieren Reed was featured in Contemporary Art Society’s ARTfutures 2008 held at Bloomberg SPACE, London.


“I have a multifaceted practice, encompassing research, sculpture, performance and installation, from studies in form to the production of architectural structures. Often concerned with mechanism, fundamentally it addresses a personal engagement with the construction process. More recently I have also been developing a series of films, as a continuation of some of my sculptural ideas, incorporating light and animation techniques. My current thinking is looking at notions of time and inertia within a practice based research.

Taking an interest in the relationship between functioning and non-functioning objects – the real and the fabricated, I am also interested in methods of display adopted from museology and in how the selection of objects for reproduction or display can elevate their status and importance, yet purposely suppressing functionality.

Drawings explore these themes further and link the process of making to the thought process of future works. Referencing lamps and modernist design, they are mathematically and technically correct to establish scale and dimensions towards decoding the small sculptures they then become.

I have a deep interest in the materials I use within my work, often incorporating natural materials alongside found objects and readymades. It is also key to my thinking that I refer to a particular skill set as within my own ability, ensuring that I manufacture all the works myself. I am also interested in simulating traditions and in using historic techniques.” – Kieren Reed, 2009