Keith Roberts

 The works of Keith Roberts often combine raw, industrial materials (clay, plaster, sheets of metal) in addition to found objects (tin cans, wall boards).The work often incorporates layering and stratification to reflect the uncertainties of history and memory. Whilst previous works looked at how materials change and deteriorate over time, his recent sculpture and paintings explore the manipulation of both object and function. A kite, cast in plaster becomes like metal when painted with enamel paint. A painted surface bears the distinctive markings of lead. These transmutations are not literal ones, but act as challenges to the way we understand materiality – where something weightless can appear heavy and the fragile seem solid and unbreakable. – Jacqui McIntosh, 2014


Keith Roberts was featured in Contemporary Art Society’s ARTfutures 2008 at Bloomberg SPACE, London and selected by Dexter Dalwood for the Creekside Open 2011. His work was also featured in The Threadneedle Art Prize 2014.