Jessie Flood-Paddock

Jessie Flood-Paddock (b. 1977, London, UK) is a sculptor based in London. In recent years, she has enjoyed a growing national and international reputation thanks to her exuberant sculptural practice, which engages with elements from popular culture including food, design and literature. Her most ambitious projects organize the work into sculptural environments, through which the viewer is invited to find her own path.

Jessie’s work seeks to expose the emotional dimensions of inert objects and what they reveal about human interaction. She often creates oversized but decidedly un-monumental versions of everyday objects, which can disturb the references that ground us in the everyday and rock our expectations of material reality.

Recent and forthcoming solo exhibitions include Tate Britain, London (2012), the Hayward Gallery, London (2010) and Leeds Art Gallery (2017).


Jess Flood-Paddock