James Geurts


James Geurts employs an ‘expanded drawing practice’ to draw out the dynamics that form physical spaces. He then explores the shaping of their relationship with perception. To do this, Geurts’ amplifies and reframes phenomena that tend to be overlooked because they are either too vast, localized, transient or largely invisible. In exploring the way that exterior structures and landscapes interact with our senses and thinking, Geurts seeks to active the threshold between aesthetic experience and critical experience, the threshold between the immersive and the investigative.

Typically Geurts’ projects focus on features such as tidal zones, fault-lines, horizons, meridians, and other conceptual lines and markers of place. Geurts explores these forms using processes ranging from installation, video, photography, land-art, living monochromes, and works on paper. He often modifies the function of technology in his works, for example: reconfiguring the circuits of fluorescent tubes and modify digital filming in ways that abstract site recordings, making them responsive to the movement of colour, light, weather and other fluxing conditions. These processes form the combinational whole – the ensemble of gestures and traces – that he describes as expanded drawing. 

In Geurts’ research, he often works with systems and concepts that are large-scale and at times global, whilst developing them through site-specific and local research. In this way, he combines expansive and intimate approaches to the interplay of ideas, materials and places.


Born in Australia James Geurts lives and works in London. He completed his Masters of Art at RMIT Melbourne in 2009 and has been producing large-scale, site and time-specific projects and gallery works in international contexts since 2002. Recent commissions in this vein include Drawing: Horizon, a solar light sculpture, staged on the coastline of the North Sea in The Hague (2010), and a large-scale light sculpture Drawing: Tidal Topographies 10 shown at Dalhousie Art Gallery’s Place Markers exhibition (2012). His work has been presented by galleries including GEMAK, Netherlands, Centre for Contemporary Art, Televiv Israel, Art Gallery of South Australia, La Chambre Blanche Quebec, Australian Experimental Art Foundation, NEST Netherlands and White Cube London.