Flora Whiteley


The source materials for Flora Whiteley’s paintings are diverse but like the paintings they are quotidian. Snapshots of friends, pictures ripped from the newspaper, an arrangement of objects on the kitchen table: her paintings are part of a daily routine, an imposition of rules and patterns onto subjects and styles as she tries to understand the language, clichés and the particular poetry of pictures.

Whiteley is based in Berlin and Oxford and is represented by Vane, Newcastle.


Lately I have been making paintings of objects, pictures and interiors/backdrops. Like theatre sets they suggest a thread – the ‘play’ – but they leave it unsaid. The particular subject of the painting is almost incidental, picked from my archive of collected images (screen grabs, postcards, snapshots, newspaper cuttings) I compose my paintings through collage and drawing and then I let my mind’s eye take over the painting process, re-inventing colours, navigating the dual nature of the thing being painted and the painting itself. – Flora Whiteley, 2014