Clive Garland

“Mountaineers climb mountains because they are there. Artists make drawings because they are not there” – Carl Andre

“As an artist, I have always questioned what I see, feel, touch, sense; and also to question the validity of drawing, painting and making sculpture. In turn, this made me make sculpture, explore film & video, assemblage, make performances, paint and draw. Why did I respond to some things and not others?

Asking the questions within a different context led to more questions, some specific, and some general. I have a need to explore and question, to develop and control fluency for an intellectual formulation of an expressive personal visual language.

One needs to analyse a particular


Seeing and comprehending, tempered with a development of critical analysis of results. Being able to look inward and outward to expose a full creative possibility.

This led me to an equation

————————-towards an end

————————-an end in itself

Reciprocally I produced and am still producing work in a series presently ‘Drawing towards communication’ and ‘Sound equivalent’ drawings, which explore space, balance, tension, atmosphere etc… of particular ‘sounds’.

‘Is sound just for our ears and image for our eyes’?”

– Clive Garland, 2009


Clive Garland was featured in Contemporary Art Society’s ARTfutures 2005 and 2007 held at Bloomberg SPACE, London.