Southampton based Vicky Isley and Paul Smith have been collaborating as boredomresearch since 2000, making artworks inspired by the diversity that exists in nature. boredomresearch use computational technology to explore this diversity often using techniques similar to those used by scientists. They simulate natural patterns and behaviours, creating new intricate forms and compositions within interactive artworks, public artworks, online environments, prints and generative objects. Their work is often presented as wall or floor objects, reminiscent of portholes through which one can observe a world of intrigue and beauty.

Many of their artworks employ artificial life techniques creating works that unfold in real-time. It is not just the surprise of ever changing forms but the rich evocative presence, more than tinged with inspirations from the Far East, which captivates and reward their observers.


boredomresearch is internationally renowned for creating software driven art, highly aesthetic both visually and acoustically. Their artwork Ornamental Bug Garden 001 is now housed within the British Council’s Collection and has been awarded honorary mentions in Transmediale.05, Berlin (2005) and VIDA 7.0 Art & Artificial Life International Competition, Madrid (2004).

“It is an animated interactive garden of hypnotic beauty, half road between the traditional Japanese illustration of Hokusai and the pixelated paradise of” – Digimag

As well as objects, boredomresearch produce innovative online artworks. In 2008 they created RealSnailMail – the world’s first webmail service using live snails. The snails are equipped with a miniaturised electronic circuit and antenna, enabling them to be assigned messages.

boredomresearch has exhibited widely, their work has been shown at the KUMU Art Museum, Estonia; Today Art Museum, Beijing; Laboral, Gijon; iMal, Brussels; [DAM]Berlin/Cologne; MAXXI, Rome; Instituto Itaú Cultural, São Paulo; Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam among many other international venues.

boredomresearch are represented by [DAM]Berlin/Cologne and are ArtSway Associates.