Ben Long

Ben Long’s works are conceived predominately for the public realm, enabling a broad demographic of people to engage with them whilst challenging the conventions of how and where art can be experienced.

This ethos of inclusivity is clearly demonstrated in projects such as Scaffolding Sculptures, temporary monuments constructed entirely from the ubiquitous building material, and The Great Travelling Art Exhibition, drawings made in dirt on the rear shutters of haulage trucks. The theme of travel and dissemination is again foregrounded in the billboard series Moving Landscapes, the digital motion-blurring of Romantic oil paintings creating the illusion of rapid movement through pastoral scenes.

In these and other public works Long seeks to reflect the variety, impermanence and accelerated pace of contemporary cultural experience. By disrupting the mundanity of daily existence he promotes the creative act as an integral and dynamic part of 21st century life.

Long was commissioned by the Contemporary Art Society for The Economist Plaza exhibition programme in 2009.