Annie Attridge

Attridge uses the ornamental and seductive qualities of porcelain to explore the Baroque traditions of figurative decorative sculpture.

Her works are fused with private dramas of desire and longing, containing underlying waves of passion, sinuous love triangles and romantic archetypes combined with comic symbolism. Exploiting the medium’s potential to be modelled, stretched and decorated with colored glazes, Attridge creates entangled, orgiastic and amorphous scenes that resonate playfully with sensual pleasures. The work itself becomes both object and a sign of desire.

Love Thrills symbolises two lovers embracing, unbound by the constraints of social regulations and rules. The arrow as the principal weapon echoes the verse of Virgil’s famous phrase Love conquers all, let us yield to love. Attridge explains:  “I was told once ‘Annie, always chose a subject that turns you on’, and so my love for my materials is crucial: I choose them with an eye to their erotic potential. Getting my hands right in there, wet clay nurtured with a labour of love slowly turns into hard clay.”


Annie Attridge lives and works in London.

With a MA from the Royal Academy, and BA in painting from the University of Brighton, Attridge was recently featured in Grand National – Art from Great Britain at the Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Norway, and a solo exhibition Wanderlust at the Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York.