Andreas Rüthi

Still life painting has played a crucial role whenever economic or scientific changes take place. The flourishing of Dutch and Spanish still life painting started when the economy in those countries started to accelerate. Chardin was active in Paris at the time of increasing scientific research into human vision. Cubist still life was concerned with different viewpoints.

Matisse on the other hand paints his interiors with windows emphasizing the relationship between interior and exterior. “For me the space from the horizon to the inside of my room is continuous, and that the boat which passes lives in the same space as the familiar objects around me; the wall around the windows does not create two worlds.” (Matisse to a journalist)

These ‘Double Page’ paintings are a juxtaposition of domestic objects such as fruit and toys and an opened up art book. They investigate the relationship of an object and an image, ie. a window located in the book.


A Swiss artist who lives and works in South Wales, Rüthi has exhibited in England, Germany, Switzerland and America.