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'Bleep', Eric and Jean Cass' spectacular modernist home, showing some of the works they would later donate to us. Photo: Doug Atfield
'Bleep', Eric and Jean Cass' spectacular modernist home, showing some of the works they would later donate to us. Photo: Doug Atfield

In addition to financial gifts, it is possible to gift an artwork to the Contemporary Art Society, or bequeath an artwork to us in your Will.

Through our collaborative work with museum curators and comprehensive understanding of their collections, we ensure we find the most appropriate home for your work, where it will be enjoyed by millions for decades to come.

It is also possible to leave a financial gift in your Will to the Contemporary Art Society; to find out more, please click here.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of donating a work of art, please contact:

Caroline Douglas
020 7017 8400

All conversations will be treated in strict confidence.


You can find below some examples of generosity to the Contemporary Art Society, and the benefits they have had on artists, audiences and institutions across the UK:

The Edward Marsh Bequest (1953)
Sir Edward Marsh believed that significant art work should be publicly available to audiences across the country. In 1953 he bequeathed to the Society his entire collection for distribution to public collections, including works by Stanley Spencer, Duncan Grant, Ivon Hitchens and Vanessa Bell.

“Every available inch of wall space was occupied. Pictures began in the hall, ran up the stairs, along the passage, and were only pulled up short by the bathroom. E.M. was the first real collector I met and I remember thinking to myself, if all collectors collect in this way we shall all live happy ever afterwards” – Paul Nash reflecting on his stay with Edward Marsh’s in 1914. Paul Nash, Outline. An Autobiography and other writings (London, 1949)

Eric and Jean Cass (2010-15)
Eric and Jean Cass have dedicated over 35 years of their lives to supporting artists. Over this time they have built up an outstanding and very personal collection of over 300 sculptures, ceramics, drawings prints and paintings. Over the coming year public collections will benefit from the Cass’s generosity as we start to distribute more work from their wonderful collection.

Dasha Shenkman (2005)
A long-standing patron and supporter of the Contemporary Art Society, Dasha Shenkman has gifted a number of important works to the Society, including Lithoby Jean Arp (gifted to Cecil Higgins Art Gallery, Bedford), four etchings by Frank Auerbach (gifted to Swindon Art Gallery) and Spoon to Spoon II by Bruce McClean (gifted to Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery).


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