The Hepworth Wakefield

The Hepworth Wakefield
The Hepworth Wakefield, 2009, image courtesy:The Hepworth Wakefield


The centrepiece of The Hepworth’s collection will include a gift from the Hepworth Estate of over thirty of the artists’ original plasters. It was these plaster carvings that Barbara Hepworth worked on directly in preparation for her final cast sculptures. These will be displayed alongside a selection of work by other 20th-century artists including Ben Nicholson, Paul Nash, Jacob Epstein, Ivon Hitchens, David Bomberg, Walter Sickert, Graham Sutherland and Henry Moore.

The gallery also has a collection of contemporary works, including pieces by artists as diverse as Maggi Hambling, Mat Collishaw, Bruce McLean, Anthony Caro, Bryan Kneale, Kim Lim and William Tucker.

Editor’s note:
The new building in Wakefield is positioned on the edge of the water, almost getting its feet wet. The great artist Barbara Hepworth, most often associated with St Ives, was born in Wakefield, hence the gallery’s name.


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