Photo credit: Christian Mooney / Courtesy of Arcade, London
CAS News 21 Dec 2018 By Marcus Crofton

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art wins the inaugural Jackson Tang Ceramics Award, receiving bold new work by Chiara Camoni

Camoni’s ceramic practice is intimately embedded in her daily life and has a collaborative aspect that sees friends and relatives invited to assist her in making the work.

Ralph Dunn, ‘Orange Light (colour) with wet pants’ from the series ‘Decorative Art and Other Scenarios’, Archival Print on paper, 59 x 84 cm
Artist to Watch 25 Jul 2019 By Vassilios Doupas

Ralph Dunn

Dunn first turned to art as an exploration of self and a way of making sense of a hostile world around him.

Emma Talbot, 'Your Own Authority' (2019) at William Morris Gallery commissioned for Art Night. Part of LBoC in Waltham Forest 2019 programme
Friday Dispatch 27 Jun 2019 By Vassilios Doupas

Art Night 2019

Art Night has established itself as one of the most exciting free art festivals in London. With an emphasis on edgy and participatory art, it brings the work of some of the most adventurous practitioners to different parts of London.

Installation view of ‘Susan Hefuna: Textiles’ at Pi Artworks, London. Courtesy of Pi Artworks London
Friday Dispatch 31 May 2019 By Vassilios Doupas

Susan Hefuna: Textiles at Pi Artworks, London

The conceptual reframing of Hefuna’s work through textiles, at the intersection of aesthetic practice and critical investigation, marks a new territory for the artist and gives us an exhibition of sparkling intelligence.

Image: Prabhavathi Meppayil. Photography by Damian Griffiths. Courtesy of the artist and Pace Gallery, London.
Friday Dispatch 10 May 2019 By Vassilios Doupas

Prabhavathi Meppayil at Pace Gallery, London

Indian art is often associated with vibrant colours and heavy symbolism. Prabhavathi Meppayil’s work, which is currently on view at Pace Gallery London, dispels such expectations: the artist makes work…

Heman Chong, Foreign Affairs #40, 2018. Courtesy Heman Chong and Amanda Wilkinson Gallery, London
Friday Dispatch 22 Mar 2019 By Vassilios Doupas

‘Heman Chong: Foreign Affairs’ at Amanda Wilkinson Gallery, London

Pretty pictures these are not, but for a show that makes you think hard about how found objects can be fashioned into artworks, and the omnipresence of surveillance in today’s world, this exhibition is well worth a visit.

Anthony Iacono, Hanger, 2017. Image courtesy of the artist and The Approach, photo © The Approach Gallery.
Friday Dispatch 8 Mar 2019 By Vassilios Doupas

‘Anthony Iacono: Night Bonding’ at The Approach, London

Iacono’s bright colours steal the show: camp lilac, piss yellow and playful green inject a sense of lightness and humour into these odd and slightly comical works.

Patrick Goddard, Leyton Kweff, 2019. Image courtesy of Seventeen.
Friday Dispatch 1 Mar 2019 By Vassilios Doupas

Patrick Goddard: Real Estates at Seventeen, London

Deliberately stylistically inconsistent and conceptually unflinching, Patrick Goddard’s works match our incongruent lives and reflect urban culture today.

Gareth Cadwallader, Coffee, 2018-19. Image courtesy the artist and Josh Lilley Gallery
Friday Dispatch 8 Feb 2019 By Vassilios Doupas

Gareth Cadwallader: Half-Lowered Eyelids at Josh Lilley, London

Cadwallader’s art is a celebration of life and the confounding beauty of the world

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