Image courtesy of Xavier Solé Mora
Art Consultancy 21 Feb 2018 By teamcas

Artist Xavier Solé Mora to create a new digital work inspired by Francisco Goya’s ‘Follies’ for Aspen Digital Art Award 2017/18

For the past four years, Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited (Aspen) and the Contemporary Art Society Consultancy have been working together to uncover the most exciting young talent in the field of digital art.

Rachal Bradley, Interlocutor, 2018. Installation view. Commissioned and produced by Gasworks. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Andy Keate.
Artist to Watch 22 Feb 2018 By Ilaria Puri Purini

Rachal Bradley

Bradley studied law before committing to visual arts. It might have been her legal thinking that shaped Bradley’s curiosity towards structures: laws are made, applied, respected, augmented. Similarly, art’s rules can be set, coded, moved, and played with.

Laura Gannon, Silver House, 2015. Digital film, 20 min 9 sec. Courtesy of the artist and Kate Macgarry
Friday Dispatch 16 Feb 2018 By Ilaria Puri Purini

Laura Gannon at Kate Macgarry

There is an instinctive attraction to the materiality of her work, multiple layers of paint on both sides of a thick linen

Installation shot from Love Life: Act 1, Jonathan Baldock and Emma Hart. Photo: FXP Photography
Friday Dispatch 18 Nov 2016 By Ilaria Puri Purini

‘Love Life: Act 1’ at PEER, Jonathan Baldock and Emma Hart

Basing their collaboration around the domestic drama of Punch and Judy brings a rich and magical world of childhood pleasure to this work, but also the senseless and maniacal violence

Silke Otto-Knapp, Rehearsal (Seascape with moon), 2016. Watercolor on canvas, 150 x 170 cm. Photos: Marcus Leith. Courtesy of greengrassi, London.
Friday Dispatch 4 Nov 2016 By Ilaria Puri Purini

Silke Otto Knapp, ‘Seascapes’ at greengrassi

The artist’s new show creates a solemn atmosphere for her new paintings of landscapes and figures

Still from a performance with workers at Anfora ceramics factory, Mexico. © Jeremy Hutchison, 2016 . This will exhibit at Zona Maco in Mexico City in February 2017.
Artist to Watch 26 Oct 2016 By Ilaria Puri Purini

Jeremy Hutchison

Dynamics of power are what Hutchison is really committed to, using the absurd to question how the rational functions.

Coco Crampton, 'B_Type Bower’, 2016. Oil paint, wood, glazed ceramic, beaten copper, 77 x 78 x 52cm. Courtesy of Belmacz and the artist
Artist to Watch 29 Sep 2016 By Ilaria Puri Purini

Coco Crampton

The artist only graduated from the Royal Academy in 2014 and she has quickly developed a visual language that worth keeping an eye on.

Donna Huddleston, The Warriors, 2015. Pencil, graphite and gouache on paper, seven pieces 85 x 42 cm, seven pieces 65 x 42 cm. Courtesy the artist and Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin
Artist to Watch 30 Jun 2016 By Ilaria Puri Purini

Donna Huddleston

Her multidisciplinary practice investigates themes of transformation, ritual and the human figure, employing a range of media to tell a story.

Tai Shani, Dark Continent 1, 2014, mixed medium, 4m x 10m + performance. Hayward Gallery, London. Image courtesy the artist
Artist to Watch 26 May 2016 By Ilaria Puri Purini

Tai Shani

Her multidisciplinary practice, comprising performance, film, photography and installation, revolves around experimental narrative texts.

Chiara Fumai, The Book of Evil Spirits, 2016, courtesy the artist and waterside contemporary, London.
Friday Dispatch 29 Jan 2016 By Ilaria Puri Purini

Chiara Fumai, The Book of Evil Spirits, waterside contemporary, London

If you have ever played Ouija board then you will recognise what adorns the walls of Waterside Contemporary. Italian artist Chiara Fumai explores radical feminism through conjuring the occult in her new show at the Hoxton gallery.

Apostolos Georgiou, 'Untitled', 2014, Acrylic on Canvas, 170 x 170 cm. Courtesy the artist and Rodeo, London
Artist to Watch 28 Jan 2016 By Ilaria Puri Purini

Apostolos Georgiou

In a recent interview Georgiou stated: “a painting must have the tension to provoke us to look at it, to wake us up from a state of indifference.”

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