Photo credit: Christian Mooney / Courtesy of Arcade, London
CAS News 21 Dec 2018 By Marcus Crofton

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art wins the inaugural Jackson Tang Ceramics Award, receiving bold new work by Chiara Camoni

Camoni’s ceramic practice is intimately embedded in her daily life and has a collaborative aspect that sees friends and relatives invited to assist her in making the work.

Liz Johnson Artur, Birmingham, 2002. Courtesy the artist.
Friday Dispatch 12 Jul 2019 By Christine Takengny

Liz Johnson Artur: If You Know the Beginning, The End is No Trouble at South London Gallery

Come to South London Gallery, see this poignant and moving exhibition, then afterwards take a stroll through the neighbourhoods of Peckham to experience where these photographs were actually made.

Installation view, 'Artists I Steal From' at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, London, 5th June – 9th August 2019. Copyright the artists, courtesy Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, London • Paris • Salzburg. Photo: Ben Westoby
Friday Dispatch 5 Jul 2019 By Christine Takengny

‘Artists I Steal From’ at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, London

This show approaches an exhibition through the eyes of an artist, openly revealing the private process of how an artist works, what they look at and what informs and educates their practise.

Installation view of ‘Hysterical Mining’ at Kunsthalle Wien, 29 May - 6 October 2019. All images are by Jorit Aust
Friday Dispatch 14 Jun 2019 By Christine Takengny

A postcard from Vienna

There is a thriving contemporary art scene in Vienna, bolstered by the city’s famous art academies, not-for-profit spaces, commercial galleries and world class museums.

Gonçalo Mabunda, The Impenetrable Throne, 2019. Courtesy of Jack Bell Gallery
Friday Dispatch 24 May 2019 By Christine Takengny

Gonçalo Mabunda: Orator of Time at Jack Bell Gallery, London

Mabunda aims to explore the collective memory of his home country that has been scarred by a long and violent Civil War.

Denzil Forrester, ‘Wolf Singer’, 1984. Oil on canvas. Copyright Denzil Forrester. Courtesy the artist and Stephen Friedman Gallery, London.
Friday Dispatch 3 May 2019 By Christine Takengny

Denzil Forrester: A Survey at Stephen Friedman Gallery

It is a revelation to witness so many large-scale canvases by a long-overlooked artist, who has had to fight for his place within an art world that has been seen as white and western until very recently.

Aliza Nisenbaum, ‘London Underground: Brixton and Victoria Line staff’, 2019. Commissioned by Art on the Underground. Photo: Angus Mill
Friday Dispatch 12 Apr 2019 By Christine Takengny

Aliza Nisenbaum at Brixton Underground Station, London

For Nisenbaum, the people she paints are not passive sitters but active and engaged collaborators who are depicted with grace, composure and pride at a time when society often treats them as invisible.

dear diary installation view: Sadie Coles HQ
Friday Dispatch 17 Jan 2019 By Christine Takengny

Katja Seib: ‘dear diary’ at Sadie Coles HQ

Katja Seib’s (b. 1989) new series of paintings, currently on display in her first solo-show at Sadie Coles HQ, hovers between realistic figuration, visual illusion and dream-like symbolism. The German…

Lubna Chowdhary, ‘Late in the Afternoon’, 2018. Image courtesy the artist
Recent Acquisitions 18 Dec 2018 By Christine Takengny

The CAS acquires ceramic tableau by Lubna Chowdhary for Gallery Oldham

‘Late in the Afternoon evokes’ the familiar shapes of the north‐west’s industrial built forms that, in combination with the artist’s South Asian architectural influences, echoes the complexity and visual excitement of our shared lives in the UK today.

Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Exalt B.H., 2018. Painted mural on exterior of The Showroom, London. Photo: Daniel Brooke. © Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum. Courtesy the artist.
Friday Dispatch 14 Dec 2018 By Christine Takengny

Women on Aeroplanes at The Showroom, London

The show is revelatory in uncovering the predominantly unknown role women played in the struggle for independence of African nations in the 1950s and ‘60s.

Sonia Boyce, Six Acts, 2018. Six-screen film and wallpaper installation, 15 min. Photography by Michael Pollard.
Recent Acquisitions 29 Nov 2018 By Christine Takengny

The CAS acquires installation by Sonia Boyce for Manchester Art Gallery based on her takeover of the gallery in January 2018

The starting point for Six Acts, 2018 is a series of conversations about the gallery collection and how it is displayed and interpreted, particularly in relation to the politics of class, gender, race and sexuality.

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