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“I work with a mixture of collage using found imagery with gouache paint and site-specific installation. My work explores the relationship between exterior and interior spaces through a process of disrupting scale and architecture. I am interested in the idea of collecting and memory within the confines of the spaces we live in; how the objects we accumulate remind us of people or events. The figure is always absent from my compositions but traces of past occupancy are suggested through the selection of objects and furniture that are included.

Contemporary novels are an integral form of inspiration for my work. In ‘The Glass Room’ (Simon Mawer, 2009) one of the central characters quotes the French, Surrealist writer, Andre Breton saying ‘I shall live in my glass house where you can always see who comes to call, where everything hanging from the ceiling stays where it is as if by magic, where I sleep nights in a glass bed, under glass sheets, where the words who I am will sooner or later appear etched like a diamond’ which I feel expresses well the concept of what I am attempting to represent through my work. I imagine my collages to be transparent as if one is able to see through the walls, and the inside and outside environments co-exist.

My current work investigates the effect of painting blocks of colour with gouache onto images of aspirational and setup interiors from mid 20th century interior design books. I hope that using set-up spaces acts to further disengage the experience of my work from the reality of lived-in places. The paint is used as an editing tool to carefully select which parts of the image to expose and which to hide, leaving certain elements such as the furniture, floating in a sea of colour.

The pictorial space is flattened through the addition of colour, which I hope disorientates and dislocates the viewer. I am interested in how colour was added to black and white photography to strengthen the memory before the invention of colour photography.” - Nathalie Guinamard, 2012



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